About Me


Hi, Im Katy! Also known as Katy80, hence the name of my page! Im 27 years old and am from  a small rural town in Kentucky that I love so much. I am a full time hairstylist and makeup artist, with experience in drag racing and welding (we will get to those details throughout my page). I love to cook, hunt, fish, and the lake is my happy place.  The photos above are just a little bit of visual of my life. More to come for sure! Throughout my page I'm going to reveal some of my favorite products, merchandise, tips, and tricks! I needed a place to release some of my ideas, thoughts, and funny stories and this seemed appropriate! Thank you for visiting and I hope I can grab your attention and help you out someway somehow! Please leave a comment if you want, with  any advice or questions on anything! 

Love to all,